I've been playing around w/ my overdrive and find that it is usually pretty harsh. Can anyone give me any pointers as to what i can change in my setup to smooth it out?

My gear:
Gibson LP Standard
Fender Blues Jr
Keeley Modded BD-2

I have a sound clip at:

Play the clip 'Latest'.

Only listen to the 1st 10 seconds to hear some chords.

Can anyone give any pointers as what settings you can usually change to reduce the 'harshness'. (raising the treble, mids, etc.....) anything like that?
Gibson Les Paul 60's Neck
Fender Blues Junior
Boss BD-2 - Keeley Phat Mod
Vox V848 Wah
EH Small Clone
Harsh is awesome, theres nothing wrong with your gear theres something wrong with you!

Nah, I'm just kidding, try turning back treble and/or mids, turning down the tone and volume knobs on your guitar, adding in reverb etc.