okay so i have a question about truss rods

if youre loosening youre truss rod is it soo dagerous?

Evryone like gasps when the word truss rod comes up and they are like "*gasp* NEVER TOUCH YOURE TRUSS ROD OMG" but i dont se where it can hurt if you are going to loosen it and go little turns by little turns. like loosen bit wait a few hours loosen a bit. wah rinse repeat. i understand that a quarter of a turn is supposed to be ALOT of turn so go smaller than that.

If it is a bad idea just say so (without the "OMG YOURE SO DUMB" thing please ) i could be way wrong and loosening is actually more harmfull then tightening. Im not going to do anything yet, and i have not done anything yet. I was just curious becouse some people here know how to adjust thier own truss rods and are not into the music repair buisness and they have not destroyed thier instrements and i want to be one of those people.
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It is dangerous messing with your truss rod. If the tension becomes too great then your neck might snap. I recommend taking it to a shop and have them do it. One reason cuz they know what they're doing, and also because if they mess up ur guitar then they're held responsible for it. If u still decide to do it urself, only turn it about 1/8th of a turn at a time to make sure it won't get messed up. Good luck...hope i could help.
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You can not hurt anything by loosenig your trussrod. Go ahead and try it. If it doesn't help then put it back where it was when you started. I can tell you have given this the right amount of thought. Just remember, buzz from 1st to 10th fret means loosen the truss rod. buzz from about 5th on up means tighten it. Notice there is a bit of overlap If you you only go a little bit by little bit then you won't hurt anything.

I just thought I would point out to you that I am in the guitar repair business. Go ahead and do it. Just count your turns, if you are loosening then you can't hurt anything.
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No, it's not dangerous, I know from experience. Some people are so afraid to even change their own strings because they think they'll do something wrong.

Now messing with your truss rod without good knowledge could mess up your guitar. But that shouldn't stop you from trying, it didn't stop me. I set up my own guitars without ever having had someone show me how. All it took was some short reading and I have never messed up any of my guitars by the way.

All you have to do is find a short tutorial for reassurance that what you are doing isn't wrong.

Apparently you already know some fundamental ideas about truss rods, so with a little more knowledge you should be able to adjust your truss rod just as good as any other guitar tech. I would give you further info but a good tutorial will explain the better than I could right now so just look up a tutorial online and you should be fine.
Personally, I would take my guitar to the shop if I needed a major adjustment. But if it were something small, I would leave it or do myself. It's mainly because I can be impatient and sometimes I lack subtlty with my tools.

My advice is if you don't know shit about your guitar's technical workings take it to a shop, or if you know a bit then just reserch it a bit, then do it yourself.
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Since you know so little about adjusting the truss rod, I've got to ask why do you think you need to adjust it?

well i know it needs loosened becasue there is buzzing from open to about 6th fret and me owners manual says that emans i should loosen it. becasue there is not enough releif

it's just i got this new $1000 doller bass and the set up is wack becasue it was set up in ..california ( i got it out of original box) and Mobile Alabama has a different climate than california and tempeture/humidaty effect the neck and strings on youre guitar i think i am going to take that into the shop.

actually i already did but he did not loosen it enough he lossened it from backbow to strieght and said it should go the rest of the way in a week. but my neck on my bass is very awsome and wont bend as easily as he said it would so im going to take it back in soon to get him to adjust it more.

but my fender Jazz needs a minor adjustment made becasue ive had it for two years and evry now and then you have to loosen the truss rod and it just needs a small turn but i was kin dof chicken.

okay i tryed tryed to loosen my truss rod on my jazz and it wouldent budge. i tryed loosening it and t wouldent move... i think it is becasue i need to loosen the strings tho 1st dont i?
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