are pinch harmonics easier to make on higher or lower gauge strings?
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from my experience it doesnt matter, rite now im using 42' gauge mostly, its easy to pull off pretty much on any string except the 1st string (before the 8-9th fret) but that's like super thin

i used to use 52 guage a while back, same thing, it wasn't an easier or harder

what kind of pickups are you using?
i think it depends on your pickups natural harmonic response, not strings
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from my experence its the same no matter what gauge your strings are, but if you have bigger strings i have noticed that you get a little fatter of a sound.... like Zakk Wyled style
i'd say it works better with 9's on drop B 12's give a flatter sound which looses the effect, but then again it mainly depends on your pickups i find it easier with a duel double coil pickup like BDSM for example