ok, i need a site that'll give me some high quality tabs with thime signatures and key signatures... for high school pep band.

(if it helps)here are the songs i need:

Final Countdown
Hey Song
Star Spangled Banner(i know the jh way, but she says it wont work)
Eye of the tiger
free ride (EbMaj)
mony mony
land of 1000 dances
summertime blues (EbMaj-Fmaj)
WSU Fight song
louie louin (hang on sloopy)
25 or 6 to 4

you dont have to look em all up for me. but ive searched everyone on here and i cant get one with time signature and stuff

i dont really need the time signatures and keys, but she insists i have them.
download the trial of guitarpro and download the gp files here....and you can export them to pdf or something else
i have guitar pro... on my computer in my room. but its not hooked up to a printer or internet. so ya, thats uot, sorryy i didnt put that it my post.
uh ya dude. i said i cant download gp.... but ill try to put the tab on a cd then save it to gp in my room, but i dont know what to do about the printer deal. since that seems to be my best option.

the only thing about it is that i need these bu 6 oclock tonight to play at the bball game.
Could you just take the tabs on this site and make them figure out the key and time signature yourself? The time signature at least shouldnt be that hard.

Are you just playing guitar? Or is it gonna be your whole band performing?

(By the way, why did she dump this all on you?)
because our christmas concert was done with and we were moving on to pep band and she asked me if i wanted to play guitar in it... i said yes... she was going to do this for me, but me, being nice told her id do it.

shoulda let her do it though.

i just dont want to change my mind now 'uh, miss burden, im to lazy so will you get the tablature for me?' wouldnt look good on my part...