I'm going to buy some EMGs and put them in the Epi Les Paul I just bought. How would I change the pickups, or where would I go to get them changed and how much would it cost?
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its pritty difficult but at the same time its very expencive at guitar center or most places you can go. if you have any skill in slodering then do it your self emgs come with instructions. if not have it profitionally done i did it and im 15 so any one should be able to
LOL I did that but it was for a PRS and they didn't have too good instructions for it. Also after unsoldering it I realised I do have solder for the new pickup. That took some creativity.
emgs, do they have 5 wires. i got a dimebucker and you have to soder like two to the pot, one to the actual control, and two together for no coil tapping.
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