I bought this thing 1 1/2 year ago for about $1,071 which is the list price on it.

But the one i got is in Basswood and got EMGHZ pickups and a JT580LP bridge.

And on musiciansfriend you get the same one in Alder and EMG81/85 and Foyd Rose Low-Profile Tremolo.

Dont know about the bodies but ive heard that the HZs suck and 81/85 is pretty good.
But with the HZs there is a Turbocharger knob which the 81/85 dont have that boosts the signal, but that just makes it muddy and sound like shit.

And i dont know if the JT580LP bridge is the same tremolo, but anyways, i got bad pickups for the same price. That sucks.
Want to know how much difference there is in these guitars sound wise.
And if it was a waste of money getting it with other stuff.
basically the hz's are a crap passive version of the otherwise nice active emg's
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