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I pay $60 a pack for my strings
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Well by the time one of your strings break from a $20 set of strings, you should be able to save up enough for another pack of strings. So, I'd go with a nicer set of $20-30 strings.
there are some good cheeper strings like Blue steels and GHS strings are decent.

i personally prefer Elixers but those are EXPENSIVE but they last a long time
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Try a bunch of different strings. You'll need to change them every once in awhile anyway, so try something different each time until you find something you prefer.
I just got some dean markley blue steel strings and love them. they are a little more expensive but definetely worth it.
I prefer Rotosound myself, they are durable! And they sound nice. (they last a month for me, but I beat the shit out of them.)

Also, if yuo are that concerned about the longevity of your strings, get flatwound stainless steel strings, they last forever!
Just get a pair of Ernie Ball's. $20. They own too.
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