So, I sold all of my gear, except for my Epi Valve Junior Head and Cab, in order to get funds for a Les Paul. I wanted to post a couple eBay links, to see if you guys could help me see whether or not these are legit.

'98 Honeyburst Les Paul

'99 Les Paul Standard

Now, I know the whole "too good to be true" saying, but all these sellers have at least a 99% positive feedback.

I'm just a huge Slash fan, so naturally, I almost creamed myself when I saw that first Les Paul in the Honeyburst finish.

If you guys think they're legit, I'll go for it.
uve prolly heard this before but gibson les pauls just dont sell for $500 no matter how hard u look. one thing i noticed was the tuners weren't the usual gibson pearl tuners u would normally find on a standard.
slash is amazing. wait, i just noticed the price, $500's? careful with ebay dude. try guitar center man/
the price will go way up in the week that the auction takes place
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I'm no expert on whether or not they're legit guitars, but they definately aren't selling for $500, if you look through their feedback (lots of random shit, but some guitars) people were happy with them, but by the end of the auction their up to $1500 at least.
well he has 99% positive feedback only 2 negatives out of 2000 comments. I don't know about the sound of it. It is all up to you. But he started them both at 100 dollars so I think he believes they will go way up.
Ahhh, I didn't even take that into consideration.

Bah, I'm so confused! If none of this works out, I guess I'll just keep an eye on the Classifieds.

I just, like many people, cannot justify spending thousands of dollars on a guitar, as much as I'd love to.

Hell, I'd give my left nut for the Standard 60's Neck Les Paul.
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60's Neck

Pussy, get a 50's neck. If you want a manly guitar, go all the way :P

Just jokin, get whatever fits ya best. Good luck with the purchase, the guitars really kick serious ass.
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ooh....thats kinda suspicious....
why dont you just get an epiphone or something....
but i doubt you can get a gibson LP for 500!!
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someone will snag it in the last 30 seconds unless you put in your highest bid. throw down all the$$$ you got in the last min.
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well, i personally love both those colors, but my favorite is honeyburst. of course ive got an epi in honeyburst so im probably biased. and when did they start putting burstbuckers on them? one might have them and one might not if they started in 99 or something. but i really dont know.
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