I want to decrease the amount of feedback and hiss my Peavey XXX is putting out hopefully without buying a noise gate because I just spent all of my money on it. Whenever I play near the computer, it feeds back uncontrollably, and very loud, but if I turn away from it, the feedback goes away almost completely. Is this normal? Is it just because Im near electricity? And then when I play it with the volume past about halfway, I get uncontrollable feedback that I can hear louder than the notes I play. Any way to stop that? Ive heard that a shorter or thicker cable could give off less hiss and feedback. Is this true? I also have half of my cable coiled up so its not everywhere. Ive heard that this can cause feedback and loss of tone. True? Thanks for any help on this.
yeah its normal for it to feedback when u face the amp. i have the same problem when i turn my mesa up in my room
Expensive cables, that arent coiled up, and decent pickups (preferably humbuckers) will help prevent feedback, as will facing away from the amp
^^I dont even face the amp. When Im near the computer, I hear less feedback when I face the amp. Its when my pickups are within like 2 feet of the monitor it starts feeding back a lot. And when I cranked it, I wasnt even facing the amp, I was about 8 feet away facing a wall.
I think so. I think it cost like $15 or $20, but its pretty old, and I dont really remember where I got this particular one from, I could be thinking about others. Its a 20 foot long cable by the way.
Don't mean to hijack the thread or anything but I ordered a nice wireless system recently, is this gonna cause increase or decrease in feedback or what?


P.S. Too contribute to the thread, Feedback is usually cut down when you are further away from the amp.
I don't know about wireless systems, but from an electrician point of view I can't see why it would increase feedback, as long as its a decent system. Bigger problem will be interference.

As regards the thread, possibly try a different cable. Trying a different guitar would be an idea too. That'll help narrow down where the problem is.