his performance on both his songs at the end of the apple keynote address is amazing
i looked up tabs because i want to play just like how he did live on 'waiting on the world to change', but theyre not really helping, and i just cant seem to find out the tabs by ear.
can someone help me?
I had never heard of John mayer before I watched the apple keynote adress video, and I felt so AMAZED when i saw the John Mayer performance !! I have just bought the Continuum album, and his music is really great !
This guy is really impressive !
I do like the way he plays Waiting on the world to change at the apple conference, the way he plays remind me the way John Frusciante plays.

I'd really like to find a live tab of this song !
if youve just now discovered mayer youve missed alot must check out "room for squares" and if you can find it, his independent release "inside wants out", incredible chords and chord progressions like no one else uses