i was just playing my mesa at lei band practice volumes in my room (3)and i noticed that liek when i do sum chugging alm muted open 0 stuff, it soudn kinda liek woofing out., but not really. like its mroe than enough power handling (my amp puts out 100, and my cab takes 400) but it wasnt liek a dull thud. it was kinda like shriler, loud paper crunching noise kinda. wjhat can it be?
fine, basically: when i play some chugging style stuff, mainly open palm muted 0's my speakers in my 4x12 seem to woof out. or at least one does. but it donest exactly woof out, as the sound is much more shrill. kind of like a paper crunching sound..but loud. I can only notice it without earplugs but then my ears fell like theyre gunna bleed. It may be my grille (its metal) thast shaking, but not sure. i doubt i tthough sounds like its coming from the speaker
I still don't understand what you're saying what you're saying. Take it to a tech, and we won't have to try to translate your broken English. And to quote xifr:

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yeah, it was freaking 16 minutes.

and if routinely listen to it w/ earplugs on, that may be part of your problem. take it to a tech.
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...isn't it supposed to do that at high volumes?

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I think he's talking about more of a bad sound than tube overdrive. I think. It's hard to say, really. A woof. Maybe his dog got trapped in his cab? Dunno.
A dog in your amp maybe?
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