Alright, now I've been recording using analog tape recorders with external mixers. i want to go "digital" cuz everyone is saying how fun, easy, and high quality it is, but I dont get anything about it!!!

first off, ill start by saying that i am a vocalist/bassist/guitarist for a 2 man technical death metal project

we have been recording by micing our equipment and connecting them to the mixers, connecting the mixers to the tape recorders, and playing the song live (when we had 4 members)

we basically want to get into the digital stuff so that we can start recordings off with drums, then layer the bass into the mix, then guitar, guitar leads, and finish it off with the vocals. we need to record this way now since i play 3 of the 4 instruments and obviously cant play all of them at once for a live recording.

we also want to able to "copy and paste" certain riffs such as chorus and main riffs so that we dont have to start the whole recording over because of one mistake on one of the riffs. on analog recorders, you have to play your track all the way through and not much can be edited after that

so a big question i have now is: what software do i choose? im using windows XP and ive gone throu a couple programs (sony acid and magix midi studio), but all they are are these abomonations where you play virtual "MIDI" instruments or what have you, and no actual live instrument connections (besides using a shitty computer microphone for vocals). who the hell wants to make music without real instruments? hip-hop artists? give me a break!

also, i want to know how to connect miced instruments to my computer. both unbalanced 1/4" guitar jacks and XLR cables. im thinking i need a digital multi-track to hook the instruments up to, then connect the multi-track to the computer via USB or the blue jack on the sound card. is that what i need to do?

now to summarize for you, im basically asking:

1. how do i connect miced instruments to my computer?

2.what software do you recommend for my death metal project?

3.what kind of digital multi-track should i get (if i need one)

i'd appreciate any input on this!
well my friend just let me borrow a BOSS BR-600 digital recorder and it works really good ...look into it ...i guess
yeah... try TASCAM. They have a lot of digital recorders, you can hook them up to a computer or they have some with CD-burning capabilities themselves. It all really depends on the amount of money you have.

That's hardware though, unfortunately I have pretty much the same questions about computer software.
Thanks Muphin. I can see you hate metal. I would hate you for that, but then again, metal is a pretty immature and misunderstood genre of music so I'd only seem like an idiot hating you. As long as you appreciate music, you're cool with me man. Best Regards
Quote by NOtrab
well my friend just let me borrow a BOSS BR-600 digital recorder and it works really good ...look into it ...i guess

i have this. its excellent, but i still need practise with bouncing and mastering...