well, i just joined a band with some friends but they want me to play bass instead of guitar cuz they need SOMEONE to play bass, you know? so im like sure, but if im going to do this, i wanna actually play bass seriously, not just to be in a band. so i need to know the basics for two handed bass, not using a pick or anything, so whats like the right handed finger pattern for fingerpicking, is it just like spontaneous whatever fingers are comfortable playing, or what, and do i like need to do anything special with my right hand, like grease or something so my fingers can pick smoothly? i think that's about it, i dunno, anything else you could think of for beginners would be great.
You don't need to grease your fingers or anything, just alternate your index and middle fingers as a start. You can use a pick too you know, especially since you already play guitar.