K so for some reason, i decided to write and record a song that is a bit different to anything i've ever done before.
I had this weird story in my head, (and it is quite Space-Odyssey-esque, but bear with me)_
Its about a 6 year old boy who wants to go to space because he doesn't like living at home, but his naggy imaginary friend is being a nag, but eventually a spaceman takes them into space. Their spaceship fails or whatever, and they are left to orbit earth, stuck together(egven though they dont really like each other) for eternity.

www.purevolume.com/myfirsttoygun 'The Ballad of the Spaceman and his Imaginary Friend'

*deep breath*

I'd love some feedback on it, i'll try and crit who ever crits this.
Thanks a lot
It is different and i like that part of it. Two different voices in the intro are cool, but the second one, the higher one, sounds a little weird. I enjoyed the song except for that. good work mate.
Not bad at all. Pretty creative. Sounds like you recorded everything at one setting. I would track the guitar and each vocal on a separate track that way you can adjust volume on each. Try these settings for acoustic guitar: Threshold: -6db, Ration: 3:1-4:1, Attack 150 ms, Release: 400 ms, Gain: Input should match output.

I think a better mic would help as well. Shure SM57 for the guitar. Shure SM58 for the vocal. I use a AKG D-9000 for vocal. You can get two for $75 at Musicians Friend.
Anyway a good effort. Glad you posted it.

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