im on the look for a tube amp that is cheap, sounds good, and not looking for something LOUD, and from observation a VJ sounds like a match. i also like the fact that it is so damn Moddable, that would be awesome.

what i cant decide on is whether i should spend the extra money for the (crappy..?) combo version or the head. i currently have no Cab. a friend's dad is looking to get rid of part of his Bass rig, some ampeg head, and i forget what cab, and i think it was a 2x12.

if i got the head i could put that extra 40 dollars towards however much i can barter for the cab, but it is voiced for Bass. would that compliment the VJ or sound kind of bleh. im thinking it wouldnt be too bad, kind of mellow it out a little, but the idea of running a 5w amp through a bass cab sits kind of uneasy for some reason.

should i go for it and get the Head and friends Bass Cab (which isnt 100% guaranteed that I will get it, risking the possibility of having a Head and no speaker to play it) or get the Combo version, setting me back a little more, but guaranteed to be able to play it?

Portability is no issue as it wont be for Jamming- for Practice.

feedback would be wonderful!
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well, have you played the head and combo? I ordered the head because I already have a cab, but you might want to think about the combo as it comes with a speaker that i think sounds pretty good. or you could look on Ebay for a cheap cab.
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If you dont have a cab or a combo amp that you can use as a cab, get the combo. Theyre great little amps for the money, just dont run a guitar amp through a bass cab. It wont sound good. But you will be happy with the amp. I promise.
Just what the world needs, another EVJ thread.

I have the Head version and its my Favorite amp now. I'm using the speaker(12") from a 90s model Crate amp, sounds really goood.

I would say if you can find a way to get a seperate cab do it. If not then get the combo.