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Newborn Midnight Eyes

I’m stuck within the morning after
Where the roses in your hands
Seem to be all that I can remember

Because now my shadow can
No longer break the empty space
That rests from the tips of your toes
To the silence that lies beneath
A cold hard floor that hasn’t been touched
For weeks…

Several shades of auburn
And newborn midnight eyes


"Fearing the Unknown (Bridge of Time)"

The bridge I'm standing on
feels as narrow as a tight rope
The air makes me choke
When I look forward
all I can see is smoke
but at least I can't see the bottom

I can't turn around or I'll fall
(But I often look behind me)
but I'm to afraid to move ahead
I havn't even tried
It's like I'm paralyzed
with the thought
And I've realized I like it here
or am I just to afraid
of whats up there

edit: only six min and I'm 4 votes behind.
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Green, IMHO

Edit: My girlfriend prefers the orange though
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Hard choice, i'll go green.
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hmm orange, Its more relatable to, and the greens kinda hard to get the meanining of.
God Bless Hardcore,

Green- The metaphors were amazing.

To be honest though, it was very close. I almost went for orange, but decided to reread them both a few more times real quick. Great job to both writers.
Cause I love feelin' dirty
And I love feelin' cheap
And I love it when you hurt me
So drive those staples deep