this is the third or fourth version of this i've written. i'm still kind of not sure how i feel about it, so i'd like to hear some outside opinions.

i fought rotting souls
out from holes of earth
for warmth in winter.
their frigid gloves like glaciers,
gathering fingernail sediment
burlap beards and ghost eyes.

i only sought to see
the stars from a safe place
and to wake up, endlessly pretending
"i am full, so full of god's grace."

i wanted to dig you up from your hell
i sank deeper just to bail you out.

in those times, i liked to sit
where my knees push into my eyes,
and i held on tight to myself
just to keep everything in balance.

wretched sutures, my most nauseating nightmares,
they never heal, they stretch and bend, unending.
if we don't tear them out, they will multiply.
they will tear us apart and you won't even realize.
i didn't really like "rotting souls". it just.
seemed a bit cliche compared to the rest.
and. for some reason, i didn't like the last
two lines. i really don't even know why.
maybe it's because the rest seemed a lot
more personal, and then all of a sudden,
you bring in "we" and it just doesn't really
work for me. i don't know. i just don't like it.

but otherwise, it was great. i really liked it overall.

I just want to sleep forever.