i got there cd and they were actually pretty good.

ive gotta say, lukas's voice is amazingly kickass. the guitar work leaves something to be desired, as does the bass, but the drums were actually half decent.

track #1,3,4,5,8,10 and 11 are great songs

Headspin is my favourite song on the cd by far. the emotion lukas has in his voice is incredable, ive heard he wrote it with his dad in mind, cuz of a bad relationship with him or something

any one else have the cd, or hear any of there songs?
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Take this to it's respected subforum please, not quite sure which genre supernova is but im sure you can figure it out.
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on the supernova topic, can any1 please tab out throw it away by toby rand, i cant find it anywhere and i cant play by ear yet ?? or at least get me a link where i can find the tabs? =)