it's a squier strat. is it any good? also i'm having some trouble when i play fade to black, my finger hits the 4th string on my guitar. but when i play on another guitar it doesn't touch the string. thx for any help
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Squiers are good beginner guitars. Other than that, they blow.
probs need more strength in your fingers as well as other stuff that just comes with time and practice.
what can i do to increase finger strength? thx for ur help
thanks, another quick question (sorry to be a nuisance) whats a good guitar to get once i have money saved up
dean ML's are great man, i just got a FBD Tribute ML and i love it. also the ibanez S series are good too. but if you want to keep it simple, go with a les paul. can't beat a classic
The Big Three

RR1 Rhoads, Dean FBD Dimbag Tribute ML (check), Ibanez Bad Horsie JEM

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depends on what kind of music u dig nd whether its for lead or rhythm guitar and budget . Ibanez make extremely well made solid guitars that are good value for money but id need more details for what may be more suited to you.
whats the price range for those guitars. and do you know any good excersices for warming up?

keep it to a finger per fret plus the excersise i told you before and it should give you a nice little workout
well, i'm into bands like metallica killswitch engage but i also like stuff like pearl jam and velvet revolver. i'm willing to spend up to 600 $ more if it's worth it *forgot to mention it's for lead guitar
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i think most ibanez's in your price range should do you nicely have a look at the s520ex check out some schecters too, you might like them