Ok Currently I have an LTD M-200fm and a crate gx-15 Ive been looking at amps for alomst a month now and I've tried out all but 1 the Ashdown Fallen Angel 212 60 who has played it or owns it? how is it?
That and the Peavey VavleKing are the only 2 amps im looking at so what one is better since they are the same price Except peavey is backordered (at least at my local shops)
I play mostly trash and metal (metallica,iron maiden,bodom,megadeth,pantera)
so what one is worth it?
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i own one. infact i got one today. guess what. it was faulty and the tubes bust. awsome sound for the hour i was playing it....
well that just sounds great only 1 hour? how bad is the damage?
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Every pic of Jimmy Page taken looking up at him. He looks like a 10 foot tall GOD!
I own one (its sat right behind me), its the one before they started putting digital effects in it (in my opinion putting digital effects in a valve amp is criminal... but anyway). I absolutely love it. It is awesome for metal and does clean pretty well. I presume you know all the features so I won't bore you with them, but it is a LOVELY amp. I have, however, heard a few people had technical problems with them breaking etc. I've never had any problems, so I can't really comment on that. There are one or two problems with it... the reverb not being footswitchable is a pain, as is the fact that you need an extra footswitch for the 2 master volumes. However neither of those are a big deal (in fact the 2 master volumes is a neat touch). It really is a stunning amp though.
4 el 83 tubes blown, not sure about the pre amp. o well
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Guitarist in my band uses one and its a really nice amp. To me it sounds better than my other friend's DSL
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i'd say ashdown. if you can find a randall rg50tc, it's worth a look too, it's a similar price, far as I'm aware.
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Ashdowns are very very nice for the price. Definitely beats a Valveking, imo.
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