I'm currently set on buying some EMG's for the 1st guitar I'm building. I already have the ZW 85/81 combo on my Kelly. I'm wondering if it would be worth it if I bought the KFK set, same pickups with an added 20dB gain booster.

Anyone have the KFK set? Would it be worth the price for the extra gain booster? Pro's/Con's?

I'm thinking, if I have that thing on all the time, it would be useless since I can basically put the volume higher instead.

Can anyone post some sound clips of the gain booster on/off on the neck and bridge pickups please?
What kind of amp would you be using it on? Frankly, I think a gain booster is way over the top. An 81 in the bridge provides more than enough output for any kind of music (with the right amp anyways). IMO, it justs makes it really really sloppy sounding.
actually andy, emg's are pretty low out put...

the magnets are really weak so there's less pull on the strings wich = more sustain.

but the onboard pre-amp is what makes them sound so powerfull. that's why they die when the battery goes out.
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lol I know Derek. What I MEANT was that EMGs push the amp hard enough.* There lol.

If you want the most out of your EMGs, get them as close as possible to the strings.