does anyone know the preamp settings for an atreyu sound??? if it helps, i have a kustom 65 watt DFX,, i just need to kno, high(trebel), low(bass), mid and gain, thanks
For an atreyu like sound, I'd tend to have (on a scale of 1-10):
Gain: 8
Bass: 6
Mid: 2
Treble: 8

but it really depends on your guitar and amp
^ That sounds about right if its a generic modern metal-ish type sound.
Though overdrive wont sound much good, you would probably want to use a distortion pedal instead.
i would turn up the mids an lower the gain for atreyu =] thats what i have.. thats my generic metal tone
^ Depends on the amp, cutting the mids usually does the trick on most amps Ive played. What amp are you using?
yeah, the song is my sanity on the funeral pyre, i have a kustom 65 watt DFX, thnx so much, im gonna plug that 1st one in right now