I've been playing guitar for a year now, I've been straight metal and blues. The metal I play is all based around "alexi laiho" from children of bodom, I love his speed, and riffs so I have always written in his key, but I never learned the actual scales, I just put what I heard in my head on the guitar for my music, I can play just about every bodom song and was wondering some good scales to improve my metal, what scales are most common in metal writing?
I don't know much about metal but i'm gonna guess your gonna wanna know all your modes really well. That would probably be a good place to start. After like the neccesity of pentatonic...

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No lol, pentatonic isnt used in alot of metal like COB and the likes. What Alexi Laiho and other neoclassical shredders abuse is whats called the Harmonic Minor scale, or the Melodic Minor Scale. Google them, memorize them, and begin to improv over them. My two favorite metal scales are:

Harmonic Minor
The pentatonic scale is essential for basic soloing; after that, the harmonic and melodic minor scales are used heavily and are practically interchangable in terms of soloing over standard metal chord progressions.