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So, the question is... what do you want to do when you grow up?!

I wanna be a writer, like for novels and such!
Same here. I wanna be an English teacher too.
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Super Mario...jk

i wanna be Borat
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im gunna be a chav!!!!...............*crickets*...........

im gunna be a business man and race cars, thatll be my life
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Being in a band would be cool but that aint gonna happen at our rate.

I also wouldn't mind being a writer (i'm actually working on a Fantasy novel right now). My english teachers (and an ex-english teacher) have said I'm one of the best writers they've seen from my school.

3rd Choice is something in Psychology
a person who works in a recording studio... a mixer/producer of a band...
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Yes i am
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i want to be the first scientist/general to make a clone army of lars ulrichs and phil collins i figure the worst drummer ever and the portrayer of ultimate filth could give other nations a bit of a riot.
im already in the process of becoming a police officer
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I wanna teach guitar.
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start a recording studio that does every style of music.... even rap... me and my wigger buddy are gonna do it, and im gonna be a famous bass player
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I would pick God. I bet he is a closet shredder who just pretends to like blues.

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proffesional poker player

if i'm not lucky enough for that than a guitarist

if i'm not good enough for that than a lawyer

if i'm not smart enough for that than idk
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I want to have more than enough money to sustain myself for 50 years, but never have to work a day.

Can anyone help me out with that?

depends on whether or not thats you in your avatar
mucisian, or journalist
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what do you want to be if you grow up (what my principle used to say to me).

and in a punk band
i dont care what, just something in music. that's what i want my major in college to be
I want to be olivia newton john
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I wanna open a university campus bookstore. Seriously, i just spent $450 on three textbooks so I figure there's gotta be good money in that.
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well thats disppointing....the person in mine is kurt cobain from Nirvana
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proffesional poker player

if i'm not lucky enough for that than a guitarist

if i'm not good enough for that than a lawyer

if i'm not smart enough for that than idk
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i'm gonna go into construction. and i'll most likely still be playing guitar in bands and such.
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Until you sell them back at the end of the semester, that is.

I tried to sell back my $150 calculus textbook and they offered me $25. It's the biggest ripoff ever.
make music and open up a music shop!

i already am a god! soo don't have to wish for that! jay kay!
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i feel bad for many of you guys because you plan on making it in the music industry, though that is one of the toughest things to do these days. You guys should have back up plans...dont give up on music though, its not impossible to make it in music.

to answer the thread question, I want to be some sort of specialized doctor like optometrist, dermatologist, pediatrician, etc.
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