Oh-tay. I finished this novel today, and I find myself fascinated by the ideas of Daniel Quinn. I think his attitude towards the human race and the purpose of life is really a breath of fresh air, and may have some credibility. I mean, everyone always says that we're destroying the earth, etc. and Quinn offers a solution.

Many people will probably find his ideas radical and irrational (specifically his thoughts on food supply the implications to third-world countries), but in my opinion almost all of them make perfect sense.

So, to anyone who has read any of his work/knows a bit about his thinking, discuss.
read the book if you want to know, dammit.

it's splendid.

to TS, personally, i think what Quinn is trying to say isn't necessarily "the purpose of life being a breath of fresh air", but rather that we're too busy doing everything to satisfy ourselves that we have lost sight of the goal for which we should truly be aiming. the way i interpreted it was as being an enlightenment story.
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^ No, no, no. I didn't mean that the idea itself is literally "a breath of fresh air", I meant it in the sense that it strays away from the conventional attitudes towards humanities purpose. It is an entirely different and refreshing way of thinking.
Is this Quinn character a Dr. by chance? Cause that'd be sweet.
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