I can't decide on what guitar I should buy.

I'm looking for a 400-600$ guitar (canadian)

I play a wide variety of music, rock, blues, metal
I have a squier bullet right now and I was considering a Standard HSS but I want to get some other peoples opinions first.
les pauls aree great all around guitars so start there
The Big Three

RR1 Rhoads, Dean FBD Dimbag Tribute ML (check), Ibanez Bad Horsie JEM

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I agree actually, the Les Paul will give great versatile sounds. How much are Epiphones in Canada?

If you're looking at a HSS you can't go wrong with that either! Ive got a Washburn fat strat copy and the amount of different sounds you can get out of it (due to the pickup combinations) is fantastic!
I've never played a Les Paul, and I dont know any of their models, are there any intermediate ones you would recommend?
Bring your amp to the nearest guitar store, try out some les paul guitars and some HSS ones to see which give the sound that appeals most to you.
If you are interested in Les Pauls, then look at an Epiphone. I think they're in your price range.
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Go for it, try one out. A Fender?
Like I said, try one with your amp so you know what it sounds like.
I am also trying to get into buying a new guitar~!
Thank god for every minute!
Yea I've been thinking about possibly getting an HSS stand or something in that price range. Any advice anyone?