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3 27%
"Look Up"-black
8 73%
Voters: 11.
vote which song is better, red or black

Your eyeballs pierced
From watching your maker
You should’ve just stared at the sun
Your heart is fierce
From following your creator
The buttons of greed all undone

Dissolving your brain
You look at the sky
Years ago you were trained
And I laugh at your demise

A sweet aura of burning flesh
Waiting for our death
The sweet stench of gushing blood
Fills the crimson air

The core is filled with hate
Rejecting this perverted race
The spark of self-destruction is lit
Eventually it will all turn red

A death-desiring cult
Kill everything that lurches
Your one true motive:
Annihilate this crucifix called earth

Fighting all Hell
Everything’s well
You will never sleep
A killer behind a mask
Your life is from the past
How could I not hate you?

A man in black approaches you
You fear his blood stained axe
He already knows you
His purpose you’ll never ask

People impaled
Overtaken by despair
Blood and bodies everywhere
Friends betrayed and no longer spared
Rain down this love that I call death

Look Up:
Curse the air for letting you breathe
Fight the man who doesn’t let you bleed
Open your eyes and look around
As the whole earth’s heart is pouring out

Around you are the people that made your brain
Listen to sounds that make you insane
Around you are the people that put you in chains
Let them tell you your own name

Do you cut your wrists but close your eyes
Don’t you see your bleeding all the time

Curse the breaths you constantly take
Polluting the entire human race
Look at life in the face
And rebel till death takes your place

Do you cut your wrists but close your eyes
Don’t you see your bleeding all the time
Is your life all but fine
Doing all you can to waste your life
Bleed all of your life

I saw you fall into their trap
I watched it all go by so fast
You used to think you were alone
But living in chains is your home
I voted Black. They were both good, but I didn't like anything about them.
hmm I voted black, although they were both had a demoonic beat to them,and I support none of what they talk about, the black was better written.
God Bless Hardcore,

Wow, both of these are great. They both have certain parts that were just mindblowing. I'm going to have to go with Black though... chorus is a bit weak, but the verses and imagery are amazing.
Cause I love feelin' dirty
And I love feelin' cheap
And I love it when you hurt me
So drive those staples deep
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