k guys, ive been a metal head since day one ive picked up my guitar..but lately ive kinda wanted to relax more..i want to get into nice cleans, and im turning into a big john frusciante (spelling) fan..anyways i have a tube amp..first can someone recommend me some chilli peppersish settings off the new album...

secondly, i might get a new guitar..i want versatility.the ability to do metal and have good cleans so i want a hum with 2 single coils..

i was thinking this.. http://ibanez.com/guitars/guitar.asp?model=SA260FM&color=1 and ill worry about changing pickups, any suggestions with pups tho?

however is mahogony good for that type of music..i used to have an alder jackson dk2..and thought the cleans were superb..any input guys? thanks
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mohogany is a very warm wood. it's soft, and it resonates with bass tones, so it's ideal for metal, it can produce a good clean tone if you correct the warmth with a very trebly setup on your amp. Alder is a bit harder and resonates with higher tones, letting you warm it out with an amp. tube amps are warm toned by nature, so if you get something like the jackson, with a maple or alder body than you might be able to balance it out depending on the amp. A lot of words and i hope it helps
Ibanez guitars have good clean and distortion out of the box. I don't think you needt chang the pick ups. I have an Ibanez RG321 tuned to Dropped C, the clean is amazing
Carvin pickups give an awesome sound.
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^no not sure, their was a pic on here a short while ago of his pedalboard that is about a mile and a half long..maybe search?
can anyone recommend me a good alder body guitar with at least one single and one hum, it can be a strat,tele shape etc.. or a good amp setting right now with my mahogony guitar?