Okay guess as you can see from the title....im going crazy.

My prs custom ce is buzzing from the 12-15 fret on the high e. i cant do octave chords without them sound out of tune from the 10 position an on. ive adjust everything, truss rod, intonation, pickups, new string, added and removed springs on my tremolo. nothing works period. and i dont want to take it to a shop because im low on money.
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seriously if its giving you that much trouble you really should take it into a shop, may cost a bit but at least it will be fixed once and for all.
You never said raise the action, so I'm going to advise you to do that if you havent already. If that doesnt work, just take it into a shop. I wouldn't be ****ing around with the setup of the guitar with the truss rod. You might warp your neck.
1st check the action, of course

If all doesnt solve, and if your guitar is a bolt-on, you may need a neck shimming
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