Im looking at getting a new bridge pickup, and possibly a neck pickup, but I really need a bridge one more. I play stuff like Metallica, Trivium, Pantera, Megadeth, Maiden, etc. and Im looking for a bridge pickup that will give me more punch, better distortion, and maybe a little more treble than my stock Duncan Designed one. I was looking at the SH-6 Distortion from Seymour Duncan. Is that a good pickup? What other pickup can you reccomend me for my style and is under $90 Thanks
EMG 81/85s would be the go if ur willing to spend more money!!!! does ur strat hav single coils or humbuckers
EMG's period.
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^^Im looking at upgrading my Schecter which has a neck and a bridge humbucker, not the Fender. I was thinking about EMGs, but I dont really want to spend over $200 at the moment, because Im pretty broke, and I also need a few pedals... But my Fender has single coils in the middle and bridge, and a hot rail humbucker in the neck in case you were just curious.