I've got a Schecter semi-hollow C-1 (which is awesome), and I imagine I could make it more awesome by putting some sweet pickups in there. The ones in it now are "Duncan Designed," which I'm thinking is code for "knock-off." While they are certainly decent pickups, I'm thinking there's gotta be something better out there.

I was considering EMG-81s, but I always tend to see them recommended more to metalheads and I like keeping the mids around 6 or 7 on my amp. Would EMG-81s still be the best way to go?

Sorry for making you all suffer through another pickup-oriented topic.
what kind of sound are you going for? And how much are you willing to spend?
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What about PRS Tremonti sig pickups? Those are pretty good. I'd look at pickups with high-output Alnico Vs if I were you. Ceramics are usually pretty bright. I'm a big fan of PRS pickups and Stephen Design pickups (www.sdpickups.com ).
Hi, I'm Peter
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