I have heard that a Seymour Duncan 59' in bridge and jazz in neck is a good combo. Does anyone have any ideas. I am looking for an old school classic rock tone, i.e. Zep, Cream, Wolfmother, Gunners (Yes i know not old school but still lovely tone)
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i say both. you always have the option to not use the pedal at all but it will still be there like that obsessed chick you took to homecoming and never called again, sitting there waiting for your call. so yea both
What kind of guitar guitar do you have? If you have a les paul burstbuckers are great
What is P.A.F.

I see this everywhere in relation to humbuckers. Never seen any explanation as to what it means.
^It stands for Patent Applied For. This is what was stamped on all the old Gibson humbuckers in the early days, and this is where the name comes from. It just refers to that type of pickup and sound as found on old Gibsons such as Les Pauls.
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