check it out. I think it's a good start i guess I'm not done the whole thing.
post what you want me to crit when your done criting


Edit: newest versions up now

Edit: MIDI now available
Riff #18.zip
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i like it, work on it, try to add more instrument, i think i a keyboard would fit well .....
and a bass too
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Hmmm that is really good. Expand on it more, I would like to see the whole thing;.
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that sounded like it could be an intro to a thrash song almost. it reminded me of fight fire with fire by metallica.good job
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it was really cool .. you coul add a distorsion guitar playing the chords and the a dinamic that opens to a new riff
i have a song called " the stars are fading away" would you mind checking it
thanks for critting my hendrix piece
this is Very, very good
quality muscianship and just a generaly nice vibe
cant complain about anythign!
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He cant put a distortion guitar in a classical piece.
Anyways, i liked parts of it, not all. but its good.

Check my latest piece if you have the time

Well, it's classical now. He can make it into whatever he wants.
you've got a lot of good phrases in there, especially the one with the trills. And i like you're use of chords in the likes of bar 2, 5 etc. and you've let the notes ring perfectly in place (quality musicianship ). The only small thing i didn't like was the natural harmonics on the fourth fret, they sound a bit high pitched for the song but it might sound different on an acoustic?

Anyway, great job and would you mind critting the instrumental in my sig please?
EDIT: and i wouldn't add a bass or distortion guitar, it has a proper classical feel and those instruments would probably ruin it, but a piano might fit in well.
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it was very nice. the rhythm was awkward at times but that was probably intentional (and sounded very nice once you listened to it again.). the trills were awesomely done. great job.
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I'd be happy to listen but I don't have gp5... Can you upload a midi?

Edit: I'll be back latter tonight to see if you uploaded it. I have to go make dinner for my Grandma
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Typing as I listen:
Nice melody.
Liked the resolve at 00:15
imo the part at 00:43 should be edited a bit.

All in all I think it's a great melody. I agree with the person who said that it could use a piano. But this would be fine without it too. Keep working on it and it will become a fine piece.
that was pretty cool man. the ending was kind of abrupt, id say work on that part a little bit, but other than that i thoguht it was aright
That was pretty damn nice.

Whatever you do, don't turn it into a thrash metal song (or anything with distorted guitars).
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Now I don't know that much about classical music but I think it's very good. The only bad points for me are the harmonics in bars 16-17 because they don't fit in that well, they come in too quickly and the trills in bars 19-25 i think should be slower. Also it ends quite abruptly but this would be great as an intro of a song or you could just add a final chord or phrase. Other than that it was great!

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