Looking in to the Schecter C-1 hellraiser models, and they are supposedly 649.99 on Musicians friend... I might sell my 86 fender strat for more money, how much would my fender strat cost? There is little cracks, bumps and scratches over here and there, but generally, it is in good condition to play. I bought it for 200.. :P (Great deal, sound is awesome) and has two stock pickups with 1 Seymour duncan humbuckers. Supposedly one of the people i know (old guitar player) told me Jap strats go about 500~600 currently. It is really genuine, so how much would it cost?.. I REALLY WANT SCHECTER C-1 HELLRAISER NOW!
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400-450 eBay
Yeah Dimebag is not the "Greatest Guitarist" of all time... Hendrix maybe... I must go get food to eat with my mouth

$250 for an amp? wow. is it worth it to invest that much in the amp?

sell ur strat go 4 the hellraiser , u getting the 1 with a floyd or without?

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i would definitely go for the one with a floyd... it might cost a bit more tho
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I'v always liked the look of schecter guitars and that bad boy is no exception! what do people on here think of the new C1's with the active Duncan's? personally I think the black bridge and hums against the vintage white looks awesome and I'm not really a fan of white guitars but that baby is another story. still pissed that the Jerry Horton sig was took of the market......

it's a pain in the ass that they don't try and market themselves more in the UK coz I'm sure if they had more outlets in the UK then they would have a big demand anyway there's my 2 cents on Schecter