On my guitar I've noticed when playing various notes it just produces a vibrating noise rather than playing the note? Is there anyway to get this fixed? It does it in quite a few areas and now its starting to tick me off. If it matters its on an acoustic guitar.
it's because the metal on the fret has been worn down, there's no way to fix it that i know of.
sounds like you could just use a truss-rod adjustment. take it to a local shop and tell them that there's fret buzz, they'll fix you right up.

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it's because the metal on the fret has been worn down, there's no way to fix it that i know of.

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I am not quite positive why it is doing that but my best guess would be that you need to have the action raised. Depending on the price of the guitar, you might want to do it yourself. I called in guitar center and asked how much they charged and they told me forty dollars. If your guitar is only 150-300 dollars, you would be better off finding a web site that explains how to do it. If you have an expensive thousand dollar guitar, it is a whole different story. By taking it in they would be able to tell you more precicely what's wrong with it. But this is just one possible problem. If you have left it out in the rain/sun/heat/cold, the wood might have warped. Is it an old guitar? If it is, then it might be time for you to get the fret bars grinded down so that they are equal, especially if you can tell that some have been worn down by others. The last possible problem that I could think of is that you have messed up the steel truss rod in the neck of the guitar. If then, it would be best to have a professional look at it. I am by no means a professional but i do play alot of acoustic myself and these things would be my guess. The only really really really minor problem i could think of would be that your string guage is too heavy. i once had to change out strings because they would buzz when I strummed. Try something a bit lighter like .10's. I prefer those myself. Good luck... zosozeppelin_68
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