It seems that "Legend" status is heaped upon many musicians that pass before their time. Some deserved, some undeserved. Recently I had stumbled upon a video of Chuck Schuldiner playing Spirit Crusher and my mind was blown. I knew about Death, and had heard one or two of their songs, but I had no idea about the sheer talent this man possessed. Playing extremely complicated riffs, in quick and often erratic time signatures while doing vocals. His growl is blood curdling, and though it is difficult to understand him, when you see the lyrics, they are incredibly moving. While investigating more about this incredible musician, I watched and read interviews and saw the man behind the music completley overshadows anything he'd done in Death. An incredible human being who is an example to us all. Forget the scene, genres, rival bands, and think about all of us a Metal Community. We are all brothers. I dare you. Watch him. And tell me he doesn't move you. Chuck Schuldiner died of brain cancer on December 13th, 2001. That was uncredibly unfair. Although I have only recently become a fan of Chuck Schuldiner and Death, he has driven me to strive to do good things here on Earth, for everyone. You never know which moment may be your last. So I created this thread for other fans of Death and admirers of Chuck Shuldiner to share how he and his music has effected their own lives. He was brilliant, and it's up to us to honor his memory. This is for the Legend, Chuck Schuldiner.
Chuck was most certainly awesome. Control Denied was cool too if you want normal singing with Chuck's guitar.