Yea...i've been tyring to write a song for my girlfriend Ema but i can never seem to find words that go with eachother to make a song actually listenable...Sometimes i feel that i need a beat to write/think of a song.

I find that when i walk to school, i'll be listening to Lil Jon or The Beatles or even Justin Timberlake (Flame away >.> for my mix in music >.> i get all kinds of lyrics in my head, i'll start singing them in my head, but then i sing them out loud to myself, they just sound shitty.

Or i get some lyrics and they'll actually sound GOOD. But they don't sound good out loud. Is this normal....or am i just going crazy? But when i actually sit down and think of lyrics, i'll get words and phrases but they never can co-exist because they sound horrible together.

I'll be in class and all of a sudden i'll get words that sound awsome...i write them down, sing to myself sound horrible >.>.....

What can i actually do? I really like the "Beats" Lil Jon makes, i like the voice of Justin Timberlake and i like the feeling i get when i listen to The Beatles (Mainly "Help!")

I find the most insperation iget is listneing to music..but at the same time i find it a wee bit hard to conentrate....

Could anyone give me any tips and/or help/
maybe you should just simple it down a bit, lil john, beatles, timberlake...dont combine everything you listen too, if you never wrote a song before best start of simple you can always add to it later on
Roses are red
Voilets are blue
The only bulge in my pocket is my wallet
No i'm not happy to see you