If i was writing a song in modes, would my chord options go like this?

. I ii iii IV V vi vii - Ionian

. i ii III IV v vi VII - Dorian

. i II III iv v VI vii - Phrygian

. I II iii iv V vi vii - Locrian

. I ii iii IV v vi VII - Mixolydian

. i ii III iv v VI VII - Aeolian

. i II iii iv V VI vii - Lydian

If not, someone, set me straight please? And if it was in the key of C Major, the I chord would be C right? (sounds dumb i know, just wondering).
i dont really know anything but one thing about modes and i am just starting theory but i know this one thing that may help. you might already know that your major is 12345671 thats your ionian. now for the dorian mode you want to take the 2 of your major and make it the first for the dorian. now your phygrian is going to be starting with the 3 of the ionian and the2 of the dorian. lydian is going to be your 4 of ionian 3 of your dorian and 2 of th pygrian and so on, now im not putting the flats or sharps in these because you probably already know where they are.hope this helps
Yeh, that all looks pretty good to me. U havent included the diminished triads but im guessing thats probly because you dont know how to make a diminished symbol.
You do realise you have more than just those 7 chords to choose from tho, right?
Yes, in the key of C major the I chord is a C major.
U have the modes a little out of order but im not gonna nitpick about that :-P
C major is C D E F G A B, and the modes contain the same notes.

C major has the chords I ii iii IV V vi vii°, or C major, D minor, E minor, F major, G major, A minor, B diminished.

If you wanted D dorian, you would start on C ionian's ii, so the chords would be i ii III IV v vi° VII.

The modes go, in case you're unsure;

^actually, the V chord is dominant, if you wanted to add the 7th
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