Which is better...
An Epiphone Explorer or a LTD EX-400?
I play stuff like metallica, gn'r, and punkish-modernish-metalish kinda stuff.
sorry for the poor choice of adjectives....
The LTD is mainly for metal and hardcore stuff like it dies today and atreyu but it will do metallca to a tee. The epi is much more versatile than the LTD and my personal preference; however I am biased to explorers. I will do all of those pretty well. It will do GnR no problem, along with most modern and classic rock. Metallica actually used explorers during and before ride the lightning so they will fo fine. My gibson is amazing! I have played the epi korina explorer and I was very impressed...great tone. I have never tried a standard ep[ explorer though. I would go explorer!
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