So I want to get a new strap for my bass because we are about to be playing live and I wanted to be sure my shoulder doesn't get sawed off with my current strap. I freaking love the sheepskin style of pads but why should I spend $20 on a whole new strap. Isn't there a cheaper alternative like a pad I could get? I want a sheepskin one so if anyone can help that would be really great. Thanks!
If you have any foam or spare socks laying around, you could take some soft foam (like egg crate foam) and wrap it around your strap where your shoulder goes, and then tape it up. Use a sock or something to cover it up. It looks pretty damn ghetto but it works wonders.
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how is playing live any different than playing at rehearsal?

I mean, if at the moment your strap is killing you, you should get a new one or find a pad. But if it's fine, it won't be any different onstage.

and on topic, you could go to an auto shop and get one of those sheepskin things they have for seatbelts, but it seems like a real pussy thing to do... (IMO)

good luck
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