I was just looking into Wah Wah pedals, and came accross a Jim Dunlop Hendrix Wah pedal for 200 AUD.

Are they what I am looking for if I want petrucci style wah?
No shit for brains, I said Petrucci Style Wah, as in you know Wah Pedal, or are you not familiar with the term "Guitar"?
No, unfortunately. Most online providers can only ship certain products outside the US...And vox isn't one of them, sadly. Just was providing some info about it....but..eBay is actually very good to buy stuff off of. I've bought several pieces equipment offa there. As long as the seller has good feedback, you're good to go.
Here's a Clyde McCoy Wah...

And here's an eBay search for the Vox V848 Clyde McCoy reissue. The V847 is decent, too. Better than the Crybaby.

Just message a dealer if they don't say they ship to Australia. You should be able to work something out.