Looking for your Nametag

I've been looking for your nametag,
hoping it'll end up next to mine
i give a fake resemblance of intent
to the people that "mean the most"
and just right when i found a clue
you seize me in captivation
i read your mind, and try to translate
what your next move is gonna be
and as we second guess ourselves
the clock goes back an hour
i search for guilt, for the trust i had
i should fell bad, i should be ashamed
but i'm not, and that induces the worst pain of all
then i find a scrap of paper
a missing piece of a journal with your name on it
the paper started to talk, as i wrote down these notes
of your past loves, your only pain, your broken piece of heaven
this is a blessing and a curse
could i meet those expectations?
i find myself looking at your picture over and over
for a minute that seems like 30
and all i want, out of anything and everything
is a chance for you to smile
that smile i've seen, that smile that locked me in
but to smile at me, not that broken piece of heaven
if anything at all, just smile at me
The United States is a nation of laws: badly written and randomly enforced.
-Frank Zappa