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Lately I've been seeing a lot of controversy on TV, here, Radio, etc, criticizing Police in the treatment of criminals. What I'm hearing about is usually about the criminal and their rough treament. For example, in New Zealand, a criminal who breached parole recently killed a man, a 26 year old with two young children, after a violent home invasion. He was in prison for murder after he drank a cocktail of six different drugs and stuck a 10cm knife into a nightclub technician. So anyways, this guy, murdered a young father, and shot two other people with a sawn off shotgun. As it turns out, the police ended up stopping him by shooting him once in the leg with a rifle. The leg had to be amputated.

And while I was watching this on TV, I started hearing about Police Brutality. Seems this guy got it rough since he was shot. And I'm thinking to myself, what?

So this guy commits murder to a young father, injures two more people with a shotgun, and punches a man in the face, breaking his nose. And he's getting treated unfairly?

I'm just wondering who the hell thinks up this shit. The guy in dangerous, he should have gotten a bullet in the head, let alone one in the leg. So now hes recovering in a nice comfortable hospital. I guess you can't change that, due to the fact we have no surgeries in prison. But I find nothing about this to be improper treatment. He murdered someone, and had to be taken down. I think he deserves everything he got.

Just wondering what everyone thinks about this, and if they've ever had anything like this happen near them.

EDIT: Anyone wants a link here you go: http://www.stuff.co.nz/stuff/0,2106,3921702a10,00.html
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that story is crap. but the police can be very unjust, a shining example of this is with that collage student who was tazered (sp?) multiple times because he didnt have his student ID card with him.

edit: i meant the fact that people thought it was police brutality is crap, because he needed to be taken out. however i don't think he should have been killed
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Awww... poor little criminals get abused by the mean ol' police.

What do you expect? Most people live in their tiny microcosm and don't get out much, all they see are action movies where the police is usually portrayed as mean or incompetent, so they form these stupid little theories of theirs that policeman are being brutal to the poor defensless murderers and rapists. The only certain thing you can expect from a human being is stupidity.
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yeah, in australia there's been a fair amount of that lately about police treatment of criminals in custody.

abusing criminals is wrong, but i'm guessing the majority of claims are made by people who want to be on the 6pm news. it's made even worse by the fact that whenever a claim emerges (particularly in indigenous communities) a group of people start protesting/rioting.
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