seems my tubes in my valveking 112 have started to wear out and at the moment it sounds compelete rubish. Anyways I'm going to go get new valves, but I was thinking maybe its time for an upgrade. I've been told that Groove Tubes are the way foward, and I was wondering would an upgrade like this make much difference in an amp like mine? That and im not sure which ones to ask for. The configuration for the 112 is two 6L6GC and three 12AX7 tubes, and I was after something well balanced, not to dark like the stock tubes, and not as high gain, something a bit more natural. Thnx, Def
Just get something like JJ's. Go on eurotubes. They have a hole list of Tube set's, for highgain, blues, early breakup etc...
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I'm not one of the people on the Eurotubes/JJ bandwagon.

You should go to Doug's Tubes and tell him what amp you and have and what style of music you play and he will make come up with a set for you.

Unlike Eurotubes, Doug carries many brands (including JJ and Groove Tubes), so you have more of a choice than just the JJs from Eurotubes.