Alright... I've been thinking about it for a while, and I'm finally gonna get some money to waste on my B.C Rich [if you're a hater, leave]

I'll have about $450 AUD and I know most of my favourite artists use EMG'S, but I've heard that the cleans aren't too good, could someone recommend some pickups that produce almost as good distortion as EMG's but pretty good cleans aswell?
...And I can probably push the budget a bit, just depends how much of my old pokemon/yu-gi-oh/magic: the gathering cards I sell. [Yes I know, I wasted all my primary school years on these cards]

Any help much appreciated! w00t!!!
seymour duncans, dimarzios, they're all good lol. except for the SD livewires they're just rhythm pickups, ie not good for soloing, erm get dimarzio evolutions or something they're pretty versatile. i dont know what prices are over in aus so yeh jsut check all them out
Gibson Sg special faded
esp/ltd v-250
some dodgy russian acoustic (accord or something)
marshall valvestate 8080 w/foot switch
marshall mg 10cd
boss ds-2
behringer eq700
morley bad horsie 2