I currently have a yamaha pacifica HSS guitar, and it's lovely to play, and does sound quite nice.
I'm fancying making it sound a little nicer though.
I've been looking through eBay for new pickups, and have come across these loaded pickguards.
They have a motherbucker humbucker in the bridge then two hot rails.
Would these be much of an improvement on my pacfica stock pickups?
Or any suggestions on similarly priced upgrades.
(I've already had a swineshead in there which sounded quite nice, but then went on my project instead).
Thanks, Phil
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strat pickguards have different hole configurations, you can look for the p-ups on their own, and maybe cut your own pickguard from a blank by tracing your old one... also im alsways wary of p-ups from ebay, you cant be sure of the quality unless they're branded, go to http://www.axesrus.co.uk they have some good budget p-ups, especially the wilkinsons, they also have some mor upmarket ones, and pickguard blanks.

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