Alright so I got this nice small pile of money left from chirstmas and I thought hey I could get some new cds with this, only problem is I'm not one thats real big into whats new or thats been coming out I pretty much stick to what I know ya know. Since it seems like the whole world decided to go pop, I wanna die emo b1tches, sceam bloody murder with non stop because I've got no real singing skills....etc etc..

So I was woundering what you guys think I should check out.

Here's some stuff I'm really into there's alot more then this but its just a rough outline for you to go on.

Alice in Chains
Deftones (don't really dig they stuff after white pony)
Red Hot chilli peppers

Think that covers the all around style of most of what I like.
I'm really not into the non stop sceaming everyone word kinda stuff. I like a mix of the two when its done just right I'm sure you get it. Great riffs and solos are always a plus^^.

So whats some of that freshness out in the world of metal I might have overlooked. Who do ya'll think I should give a shot too? Thanks in advance for your help all