Could someone please list and describe all the different bridge types? I don't understand what they all are, such as locking tremolo, floating bridge etc.?
Tune o Matic bridge. Invented by Gibson. The standard in fixed bridges (ie non-tremolo bridges).

Vintage Tremolo
Invented by Fender. Mainly found on strat types, and almost all cheap guitars

Locking tremolo
Invented by Floyd Rose. Put into production on Kramer guitars in 1982. These are similar in operation to vintage tremolos, but they have a larger range, and they lock the strings at the bridge and at the nut for tuning stability. These are pretty much the standard in tremolos.
They are also sometimes called 'floating bridges' because they aren't directly attached to the body: they are pivoted against two little posts, and held in place by the strings and the springs in the back

hope that helps :snyper:

EDIT: explanation of a tremolo, just in case

A tremolo, also known as a 'whammy bar', is a type of bridge which isn't attached to the guitar's body directly. It is attached via springs in the back of the guitar. It is used to loosen the strings when you push the bar down, to make special effects.
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