Yesterday at school I played my guitar through a bass amp and was really happy with the tone I got out of it with my pedal. I'm also pretty sure I've read somewhere that Josh Homme uses a bass amp with his guitar.

But I don't understand how you can play through a bass amp! Surely if it's a bass amp it's designed for bass :S I can't get my head round why a guitar works through it.

Could anybody please explain?
A bass amp is just like a guitar amp except it designed for to handle lower frequencies, and usually they dont have as many bells and whistles as a guitar amp. Guitar amps are not designed for those low frequencies. The speakers also play a part do to the frequencies they are capable of handling. Many guitar players have used bass amps. Adam Jone from Tool uses a Marshall Bass Amp with two other guitar amps. In the 60's and 70's bass players couldn't find Fender Bassman's because all of the guitar players were buying them up. Hope that Helps
because, a bass amp is designed for a bass, but the technology allows any instrument with pickups to work through it. It is just better suited for the bass.
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Ahh thanks for those answers! I liked the bit of history as well! Thanks a lot!
Also, some bass amps have stellar cleans, even if they are SS. That's because most bass amps only have a clean channel, and to bassists it's important to have a transparent responsive cleans that don't break up at high volumes. (at least to me it is.) So alot of them are well designed SS amps with MOSFET power amps and they can get great clean tones. But since they are so transparent a crap guitar will sound bad through it.

Goes to show that SS amps can have just as good cleans as alot of tube amps if they are made right.
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