I have been playing the bass for some months now and I feel like I wanna move forward. People on the forums say that the beginners should learn scales and stuff so I downloaded ScaleTool. But I'm having trouble understanding it. For example:

How am I supposed to play that scale, what do the numbers mean. Thank's ahead!
Ok as far as I can decipher the ones are where you can start and finish a scale and then in between there is 2 3 4 5 6 7. 2 are all of the D's on your board, 3 all your E's etc. It's basically showing you all the notes on your fretboard that fall into Cmajor.
Those numbers are the intervals.

1 is the root, 2 is the perfect 2nd,#2 is a augmented 2nd, 3 is a major 3rd, b3 is a minor 3rd, ect.
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